Dr. Therese Wilson has enjoyed caring for furry friends’ medical needs for over 35 years, with experience in treating equines, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, rats and hamsters as her patients.  She also enjoys meeting their caregivers and becoming friends with them.

“No pet ever presented themselves to me without human intervention of some kind and I appreciate that love and care.

This website was formed to give a platform to introduce myself to new clients and reassure my current clients and friends that I don’t plan on retiring until God calls me home! I have experienced the gamut of practices: from exclusively equine, to mixed practice and small animal practice ownership, to a very busy professive medical practice, spay-neuter practice as well as “down-home” give-help practices. I bring all that experience to the table when I diagnose and treat your furry companion. And I promise to always listen to you!

I look forward to seeing my established clients soon and developing new relationships with my first-time customers and their pets. Check out my biography and contact me if I can be of service.”