Client Testimonials

Dr Wilson, Doc, as I affectionately refer to her has been caring for my dogs for 16 years!
One word comes to mind when I think of Doc, it is LOVE!!! This amazing lady is truly a gift from GOD put on this earth to love and care for any pet in need!

Doc has collectively taken care of all 12 of our dogs! She saw most as pups and cared for them like they were her own babies! At the end of 5 of their lives she helped them travel over the rainbow bridge back to the hands of GOD!

Thanks Doc for all you do and the sacrifices you make to care for our pets!

Much love, Terry Doig


My family loves Critter Care & we love and appreciate Doc Wilson and her staff!  This includes all of our pets, Nellie, Maggie, Charlie Girl, Chloe, Archie, Jackson and Louie.  We have been bringing our pets to Dr. Therese Wilson for a long time and have always received the best of care.   We began seeing Doc Wilson in her practice at Sugar Land Pet Hospital on Eldridge, then followed her to Sugar Mill Animal Clinic and from there to Critter Care.  We have frequently recommended Doc Wilson to friends in the area as well.  She has cared for all of our dogs and pets from puppies to the rainbow bridge. 

Recently in grooming one of our dogs, we accidently cut her which was scary as it unfortunately was pretty deep.  Doc Wilson was quick to come to our rescue cleaning and closing the wound with stitches.  She gave our girl medication for inflammation and antibiotics to prevent infection.  Charlie Girl is doing great now.  We appreciated her not being judgmental but rather consoling and reassuring us about this accident, since we really felt bad that we nicked our puppy.  

We have always had a full complement of dogs -- sometimes up to 6-7 at a time.  Most of our pets have had long happy lives, but others had major health issues that have made caring for them difficult and sad at times.  Doc Wilson and her staff have always been there for us and provided just what was needed to enhance their quality of life.  She has been compassionate when our pets were ill, providing the support we needed in times that were difficult.  We always appreciate her sensitivity and professionalism during times of loss and grief and sincerely appreciate her follow up through phone calls and sympathy cards.

Thanks so much Dr. Wilson for going above and beyond for our puppies always!


Mel and Bob Nixon


Having a great Vet means also having a family friend. Dr. Wilson has been caring for my "kids" since 2000. I love her no nonsense approach; she keeps it practical and you know she truly cares about your pets as much as you do! I won't take my babies anywhere else!

Dr. Wilson is amazing. She is truly genuine in her care and compassion for my pets.  No matter if the visit is a regular check-up, an urgent matter, or that moment when you have to say good-bye, Dr. Wilson truly is an remarkable Vet. She shares all of life's moments with you and your pet in a loving and caring way. She is genuine and professional and simply the best Vet I have ever had the privilege to have care for my babies!


Brandi Terranova