Standards of Practice
  • Dr. Wilson has earned a reputation of providing quality, professional care to many clients and patients over the years.  With that in mind, she expects that she will be treated with respect in the office and in all business transactions.
  • Dr. Wilson reserves the right to take all reasonable and necessary measures to keep herself safe and able to practice medicine.  She also reserves the right to refuse to see any patient she deems to provide an unsafe environment for care.
  • Dr. Wilson expects there to be an initial “getting to know you” or “feeling out” phase for both parties.  She will not see any aggressive patients that require sedation or perform elective surgery during this time.  Both sides will keep in communciation and decide together when this period is through and what happens next.
  • Clients should have an emergency vet service and referral service available and provide that information to Dr. Wilson.
  • Any and all drug protocols must comply with the Texas Veterinary Practice Act.  Clients must approve of all non-scheduled medications.